Glanbia Co-Op board urges a second yes vote on change

Glanbia Co-Opoting for change

Glanbia Co-Opoting for change

The Board of Glanbia Co-operative Society urged members not to be complacent and emphasised the need for members to complete the process begun last week, by coming out for a final vote on the proposed Share Spin Out and Sale next Wednesday, 12th December.

“We wish to thank Society members for such a huge turnout to Gowran Park last week and for their co-operation which resulted in an efficient meeting and a smooth turn around. The majority of members – 82% - have made their wishes clear with their overwhelming support for the proposed Share Spin Out and Sale. However there is no room for complacency as members are required to attend a final SGM on December 12th and vote one last time in order to approve this resolution. If passed, Glanbia Co-operative Society and its members will share in a €224million share spin-out and sale (illustration at share placing price of €7.60 on 20 November).

Another YES vote on December 12th will strengthen the Society and give our newly established JV, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (“GII”) - which we now control - a strong start.

By putting cash into the Society, it will have the flexibility to offer a wide range of options for members. In addition, based on the current share price, the Society’s shareholding in the plc will still be worth close to €1billion. The YES vote will also distribute c€157million of plc shares to members – to hold or sell, it is their choice” said Martin Keane, Glanbia Vice- Chairman and farmers from Errill.

The final SGM vote will take place on Wednesday 12th December at the same venue - Gowran Park Racecourse in County Kilkenny. Gowran Park is a central location and proved very accessible and comfortable for the 4,650 members who attended what was a seamless event, last week.  

Glanbia is committed to another efficient registration and meeting process, and will once again provide breakfast and lunch on 12 December.

The approval threshold is 75% of A1, A2 and A4 members - with confirmatory approval by 75% of voting milk suppliers also required.


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