No questions - credit union asks press

The Leinster Express was asked not to ask any questions at the annual general meeting of the Portlaoise Credit Union.

On arrival at the AGM held on Monday, December 16 the newspaper’s reporter was immediately approached by the manager Sean Dunne.

Mr Dunne requested that no questions be asked or that the meeting would not be recorded. While it was made clear that the newspaper was “welcome to stay” at the meeting, it was stated that questions would only be fielded from the reporter if he was a member. While it was made clear by the reporter present that no questions had been asked at previous meetings, or that no question would be asked at the 2013, the incoming chief executive , insisted that the policy would remain.

Mr Dunne declined to give a reason for request which was complied with by the Leinster Express.

Prior to the meeting the Express received correspondence suggesting that we ask questions and establish facts relating to the resignations of three board members during the year including the Chairperson and the treasurer.

Other matters were also raised relating to the branch.

The reasons for the resignations were not addressed at the AGM but presentations were made to Philip Coonan, Trudi Nealon and Tony Mahon in his absence.

There were no question about resigations from members.

Ms Nealon, former treasurer, told the Leinster Express that she did not wish to say anything to “damage the reputation” of the credit union, while Mr Mahon said he stepped down in March for personal reasons. Mr Coonan, former chairperson, declined to return a message left by the Leinster Express.

The Central Bank said it cannot speak on issues affecting individual Credit Unions.




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