Red tape on rural bus stops is ‘ludicrous’ claims Stanley

County councils should be able to install bus shelters in rural Laois without having to go through red tape according to Dep Brian Stanley.

At the moment it is necessary to contact the National Transport Authority and chief executives and a plethora of other people have to become involved.

Speaking during the debate on the Local Government Bill he said it should be within the competence of the local authority to erect stops so that people can stand in out of the rain while waiting.

“The current situation is ludicrous. By and large, there are no bus shelters in rural areas whereas there are plenty of them in the North.

“Small, modest bus shelters can be cheaply installed. It is one of the issues we need to address. We are talking about involving local councils more in performing functions and about more environmentally friendly policies. If we are to get people to use public transport, we have to provide shelters for them to stand in out of the rain while they are waiting for that transport. The people who can decide best where to locate that bus stop are the local councillors.”




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