Register reflects sharp fall in prices

WHILE Keith Lowe, managing director, DNG, stressed the new property price register should not be confused with a house price guage and that it gives an indication of the health of the property sector closer scrutiny of the figures suggests otherwise.

And this is backed up by Ronan Lyons, Economist at, who reported the average asking price for a property in Laois between June and September fell by 5.8%. “The average price is now €115,000, a fall of 60% from the peak.”

323 properties were purchased in Laois during 2011, with 252 transactions completed during the first nine months of this year. 26% of the purchases made in 2011 were for in excess of €150,000, whereas 19.8% is the figure for 2012 thus far.

Last year, 25 properties were purchased for between €200,000 & €299,999 and twelve sales topped the €300,000 mark. To-date in 2012, there have been sales of 14 properties in the €200 - €299,000 range and six above €300,000.

In 2011, of the 323 properties purchased, 171 or 52.94% of them fell into the €75 - €149,999 range, whereas 39.29% (99 properties) of sales made this year are in the same category.

In 2011, 18.57% of sales were for between €30 - €74,999 and in 2012 there has been 34.13% purchases in this range. 2.48% (8) of sales were in the below €30K category in 2011, whereas this year 6.75% (17) were for below €30K.


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