A moderate man’s bill of fare includes sherry, sherry and sherry

July 12, 1834.

The following is submitted as a bill of fare, for the evening, applicable to the month current, for a gentleman with a light appetite:

Soles fried, of a fine dry sandy colour, and altogether innocent in appearance of filthy grease, sherry, lamb chops and stewed gherkins, sherry, a pullet grilled with mushrooms, sherry, sweetbreads plain boiled, sherry, en omelette soufflé, sherry, Stilton or Cheshire, Devonshire scaldcream, butter, celery, undercrust and port, nuts or biscuits, a develkin made of the pullet’s gizzard, port, port, port - quantum sufficit - coffee with a dash of eau-de-vie; evening papers; theatre; stroll; supper - namely oysters in their shells, boiled in vinegar, lobsters, Welsh rabbit well seasoned, Whitebread’s bottled stout; cigars; night gown and slippers; punch; bed.

So ended the evening’s fare of a typically moderate man enjoying just a few of the modest indulgences of modern city life.


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