Halfway point for operation leaders

Bowl of salad wrapped in measuring tape

Bowl of salad wrapped in measuring tape

It’s the halfway point for the Leaders. At this point they come down from the initial high of being selected and are into the hard slog towards hitting their target weight i.e. 10% reduction in their body weight in 8 weeks.

Siobhan who has struggled with juggling two young children, work and home life turned it around. She hit her target and said goodbye to being 13 stone plus. The secret was about good time management and planning. Siobhan batched cooked her meals and used these prepared meals when she came home after a busy day at work. She gained balance in her life by changing her behaviour. This is having positive effects for herself and her relationships with husband and children. Siobhan needs to embed the learning that ‘she can’t do it all’.

Marc missed his target last week and got a tough response from Karl Henry, who rightly questioned Marc’s commitment to being a leader and to the OT Plan. Marc stepped up to the challenge and accepted the plan. He overcame some personal battles and worked extremely hard. One of the keys for Marc was weighing out his food, and he lost an incredible 7lbs. Weighing helps to teach us about portions sizes. When you eat the right food in the right portion with the right exercise you will hit your results!

Jennifer from Cork is the lightest leader so hitting her target of 2lbs was a great achievement. She experiences Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There is a bit of an obsession about stools and bowel movements at the moment. Nevertheless, all very important. Fantastically she has kicked the cigarettes and managed to lose weight. She is working through bereavement and accepting that she can be both upset, sad and allow some happiness in her life. A new challenge for Jennifer is to find a sustainable sport/hobby.

Deirdre celebrated her 30th birthday. Kathryn Thomas and Karl Henry turned up to the party. Unfortunately Deirdre didn’t hit the target. She was reminded to keep her eyes on the prize and not get too disappointed, after all she lost 3½ lbs. She is questioning where she has a food addiction particularly to junk food. She is challenged to make her 30’s better than her 20’s, to learn about the right foods, about good cooking, and making healthy habits.

Paudie the Kerry GAA legend did it again losing 5lbs. Paudie says he feels a different person altogether and his family are seeing the benefits. Paudie has moved from being isolated, binge drinking and depressed to being engaged, connected and positive. There is a fear that Paudie is pushing himself too hard and driving for perfection. The message is Go Easy Paudie.

Sarah had a tough week. Fantastically she hit her target. We looked at grief and gave the message that it’s OK not to be OK, and that you can give yourself permission to move on. Sarah is now on bowel watch as she has a modified Operation Transformation food plan addressing her IBS.

So top tips from this week to make your change sustainable include –

What gets measured gets done. It you are struggling with portion sizes use a weighing scales to measure your portions.

When you eat the right food in the right portion with the right exercise you will hit your results!

You can lose weight and give up cigarettes

Find a sport / hobby and that is fun, this makes achieving your health goals sustainable.

By acknowledging you can’t do it all, sharing the workload you will get more balance

Keep your eyes on the prize when the going gets tough.

For long term health gain, slow and steady ensures you don’t burn out.




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