Heaven sent chocalate wedding cake

The wedding cake.

The wedding cake.

Well I am just about to assemble what I can only describe as probably the most important wedding cake I have ever made.

It’s a four tier combination of my rich fruit cake and a sinful version of my biscuit cake. All encased in white satin icing with a pearl luster and adorned with beautiful handmade white roses and dupion ribbon.

Yes, it’s for my son and his wife to be.

I am sure you have a some stage had to oblige and make the cake for a family member or friend. The question that gets asked the most is what size I will do and how much mixture will I need. I am doing a four tier with the bottom being a twelve inch cake followed by ten, eight and six inch. So here is my altered biscuit cake recipe which will give me a twelve and six inch cake. I have taken the liberty of adding lots of small treats like broken Crunchie, Smarties and Twix, all of which will make it more interesting.

I hope you like it.


4lb good quality dark chocolate

2lb butter

40floz Golden syrup

4pkt digestive biscuits

2pkt Rich Tea biscuits

8 Crunchie bars

8 Twix bars

Drum of Smarties

Line a 12inch and 6inch round cake tin. (If you’re using square have the tins an inch smaller).

Melt the butter, syrup and chocolate in a saucepan over a gentle heat.

Break up the biscuits into small pieces; you can use a food processor.

Place the biscuits in a large basin and pour in the chocolate mixture, give it all a good stir.

Break up the treats into small pieces.

Divide the mixture into the two tins and as you are filling the tins, sprinkle in the treats and the Smarties. If you mix them in the basin, they can get lost in the process.

Allow to chill and set.

It’s important to use good chocolate and quality biscuits. I used chocolate with 70 percent cocoa solids.


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