Iced French and drifting USA

March 1939.

Cooking parties are the latest craze in the West End. It may be popular with the guests, but I doubt if appeals very much to the cook, who is banished from the kitchen for the evening.

But somehow I don’t think the domestic staffs of the West End need lose very much sleep for the party which I attended, after many experiments, decided that it would be wiser to leave cooking to the experts, and we all adjourned to the Dorchester Hotel, where we were made to realise that cooking is an art and not a game for amateurs.

Still, I believe, that some of the younger people are surprisingly domesticated and at one large party where the ladies were all invited to try their hands at their masterpieces some really startling results were achieved, but whether the word ‘startling’ is to be taken as meaning excellent was not explained.

* * *

Perfectly preserved in ice, the body of a young French mountaineer, who disappeared four years ago, has been found in the mountains near Grenoble.

A search is now being made for a fellow climber lost with him.

* * *

Dr J.W. Evans, of Harvard, has discovered that America has drifted seven inches farther away from Europe during the past ten years - considering the state of Europe, we don’t blame it.

* * *

A sheep with two head has been born on a Normandy farm. It can eat, drink and use either head - or both together. Its owner hopes to rear it for use in a circus.

* * *

The largest electric light bulb ever made has been manufactured by an American laboratory and will be used to light up a series of caves in Colorado which are visited by tourists.

* * *

£32,000,000 is being spent annually in England on roads alone, it was announced recently by Mr Leslie Burgin, Minister for Transport.


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