Italy’s difficulties, Japan’s 100 year war, and a slandered dog

January 14, 1939.

M. Dominique writes in the Paris Republique:

“Mr Chamberlain knows that despite her strenuous activity, Italy has enormous difficulties. She is poor, her coffers are empty, her taxes are heavy, the army cannot stand the Black Shirts and will not think of war with France, the middle classes are bored, the people are suffering, and when the Prince of Piedmont appears he is cheered. This cheering means: ‘We’ve had enough of eternal threats of war - peace, peace and peace.’

Mr Chamberlain knows all this. So does Lord Halifax. In these circumstance, what is there for us to fear?”

* * *

Japan is standing on the threshold of a 100 years’ war launched “for the attainment of the renovation of the world in accordance with the Japanese imperial way”.

That is the picture painted by Lieut-Colonel Takashima in an article in the Nichi Nichi Shimbun chain of newspapers in Japan.

He asserts that Western powers have accomplished their present world domination by colonial aggression in the Far East. The settlement of the ‘China incident’ must be inevitable result in the epoch-making transformation of the world for which Colonel Takashima declares Japan is now fighting by concentrating her entire national resources.

This article deplores the oppression of nationals by political strife in Europe and declares that “judging by history and actualities Japan is the only country which is capable of delivering nations out of their abject misery”.

* * *

Slander against a dog was the unusual case that came before the Paris High Court recently and the owner pleaded that a show judge had made a detrimental remark about her animal.


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