Suffragist souls ducked in the lake

The thousands of people who had gathered on Saturday in the grounds of Sir William Vestey’s house at Denmark Hill to listen to a speech by Mr Lloyd George found a short and summary method of dealing with Suffragist interrupters.

They dumped them in the lake - the male interrupters at any rate.

After a woman, the first to interrupt, had been roughly handled and thrust out of the grounds with her clothes in rags, a fair-haired young man began to shout.

He was promptly gagged with a handkerchief. Fighting and struggling wildly, he was hustled down the lawn towards the lake. The crowd overpowered the stewards, seized the offender, frog-marched him to the brink of the water and threw him in. He clutched a boat, and after repeated attempts to regain the bank, during which he suffered further duckings, he was allowed to land and to walk out of the grounds.

A clergyman was the next victim.

Before he finished his protest his collar was grabbed, and the crowd shouted, “To the pond with him!” He also was frog-marched. Though he fought stoutly at the water’s edge, he was eventually overcome and ducked like the other man.

A man jumped into the water and attempted the duck the clergyman again. There followed a fight in the water, while the crowd cheered and shouted. After a few rounds the combatants clambered ashore.

Blood streamed down the clergyman’s face as he left the grounds.

* * *

Beauty vs brains

Four well-known ladies, each of whom has earned a great reputation as a writer, were recently asked the question: which would you rather be - clever or beautiful?

The first said: “Beautiful - because by the mere lifting of the eyes a beautiful woman can order all the world to her feet.”

“Beautiful - because beauty’s mantle is larger than charity’s,” replied the second. “It covers social mistakes, ignorance, and any amount of stupidity.”

Here is the third lady’s response: “Beautiful - because fame, fortune, adulation, lovely gifts, social prominence, all come to the woman who is fair of face.”

Number four said: “Beautiful - for beauty is gold to a woman. A clever woman’s fame may not come to her until she is dead, but beauty gets a tribute now; even heads that have won the laurel of fame turn away from the clever woman to do homage to one who is beautiful.”


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