The old ways keep us on the right path

July 11, 1964.

The fundamental rights of human beings have been enshrined in institutions, and have been emphasised down the centuries in sacred scripture. There’s no power on earth should have the right to dictate to a man or woman on morals, but there is a great disruption when the subject is fully discussed.

Licence in some countries has been given to practices which are to any decent person completely revolting. One has only to read the big Sunday papers from across the channel to note the trend of depravity in literature and films. One has only to note the antagonism there is to any form of censorship. Such opposition is only seen or noted when it comes to the subject of sex. Would one read of antagonism to some form or other of licence in the matter of medical science or practical application of commercial forms of administration? The answer is in the negative.

The old ways and regulations have kept nations on the straight and narrow. The proposed new ways may lead to the extinction of human life as we know it. This feature is not written to be a sermon, it merely draws attention to the vital part it plays in life as we know it.


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