18-year-old’s ‘silly’ theft of a speaker

A probation report has been ordered on an 18-year-old Portlaoise man who committed the “silly crime” of stealing a speaker from a shop.

Before last week’s district court in Portlaoise was Darren Whelan, 7 Broomville Close, Portlaoise, charged with theft from TK Maxx, Kyle Centre, Portlaoise, on December 5 this year.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence that Whelan took the speaker, worth €16.99, and put it into his pocket without paying for it. The item was later recovered.

Whelan has no previous convictions, although defence, Mr Declan Breen admitted that Judge Catherine Staines had met Whelan before “in another form”, as Whelan had issues in the past with alcohol.

“It was a silly crime,” said defence.

The matter has gone back to February.


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