“A hell of a campaign” says John Moran

Although two sitting Fine Gael councillors were re-elected, they also lost two seats with James Daly losing out, and Fianna Fail’s Paschal McEvoy taking retiring Fine Gael Cllr Deegan’s seat in Stradbally.

Cllrs Tom Mulhall and John Moran did manage to hold onto their seats. Cllr Mulhall said that he had enjoyed a good campaign ahead of the elections.

“I rang doorbells and always went door to door. The main issues I encountered were the financial pressure people are under, and the elderly incurring extra costs with their pension. They were also local council issues. I’ve been working hard over the last five years. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on community work. I’m very happy with the support from all the local boxes”.

Cllr Moran said that although he had some “nasty” encounters on the campaign trail, overall people were welcoming.

“It’s been a hell of a campaign. I’ve had ten weeks on the road and visited over 3,500 houses. Most people were very nice and very good to me. I only had four that were anyway nasty. I had one house upset with the abortion issue and they had a full bucket and sprayed me with holy water. Putting in water metres into estates when we were campaigning didn’t help, and the new carbon tax hurt us a lot. Senior citizens losing cards wasn’t helpful for us. I don’t think our masters care too much about people on the ground.”

James Daly said that national issues played a part in him losing his seat.

“I am disappointed. It was a shock initially but I’ve come to terms with it. It’s not personal, it’s a reflection of the party I represent and how unpopular they are. I had the best campaign ever but it just didn’t work. Austerity is a constant issue on doorsteps and the changing of boundaries split the vote. I was losing votes in my own area and it was hard to gain them back. Most people had issues with the Government. It’s tough losing but I had a good stretch in politics. I did enjoy representing peoples’ interests at local level,” he said.


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