A welcome for jobs but more needed

Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan. Photo: Ger Rogers

Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan. Photo: Ger Rogers

Last week’s announcement of 20 new jobs for Portlaoise has been welcomed, but highlights what Sinn Féin deputy Brian Stanley labels as the IDA’s ‘abysmal’ record in Laois.

“The news that Internal Results Ireland Limited is to establish a customer support centre in the IDA Business Park in Portlaoise is very welcome,” he said.

“However, this needs to be the start of a sustained effort by the IDA to promote Laois as an ideal location to set up business. I have been demanding that the IDA up their game in Laois for a long time as their record to date in the county has been abysmal,” he added.

Charlie Flanagan Minister for Foreign Affairs, welcomed the announcement.

“Although we need many more announcements like this one, I believe that when investors see a company vote confidence in a town by expanding its workforce and investing in new jobs, it encourages further investment. I will continue to ardently promote Laois as an investment destination of choice to new and expanding businesses,” said the Laois Offaly TD.

The minister hopes Internal Results’ links to their customers, foreign investors such as Cisco, McAfee, CNET and O2, will bring new business to Laois.

“I am confident that its links to a range of multinationals will help to highlight Portlaoise on the investment map for jobs providers,” he said.

Minister Flanagan noted that dole numbers have dropped in Laois in the past year.

“While the Live Register in Laois has declined by 5.7% in the period June 2013-June 2014, it is important to build on this momentum with good quality local jobs and that’s what the Government’s annual Action Plan for Jobs is all about,” he said.




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