Abused hospital staff

A probation report has been ordered on a Portlaoise man who became “very threatening” toward hospital staff after he was refused admission as a voluntary patient.

Emmett O’Connor, 33 Parkside, Portlaoise, was charged with threatening or abusive behaviour, at the Midland Regional Hospital, on June 1.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly said O’Connor contacted the gardaí saying he was in a very distressed state and wanted to be admitted to the hospital, but he became abusive when he was refused admission and acted very threateningly.

O’Connor had a previous conviction for assault.

Defence said that O’Connor had been suffering from severe anxiety issues and it had been his own decision to call the gardaí. He wasn’t admitted to hospital as he had “substances” taken, admitted defence.

“He was in a distressed state,” said defence.

The matter was put back to September 11 for a probation report.


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