Action needed at Kilmullen - Stanley

Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley is calling for new road safety measures to be put in place at Kilmullen, Portarlington, following the most recent accident in which a lorry ploughed into the front garden of a family home.

“There have been several accidents at this location, the most serious of which was within the last week when an articulated lorry ploughed through road signage, a row of trees and concrete fence at the front of a house. It stopped at the front door of the dwelling and this accident could have had serious consequences for the family,” said Dep Stanley.

“There have been several such accidents in the vicinity of this group of houses, only the previous week another vehicle went off the road.

I have made representations to Laois Co. Council to do a survey of the road to establish what actions need to be taken and to carry out the necessary work as soon as possible.”

While Dep Stanley said that driver behaviour and speeding may be significant factors, the number of accidents in the area indicates that extra measures need to be put in place. “One immediate step that could be taken is to reduce the speed limit to 50km per hour,” he said.


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