Anger over big size of charges faced by families

There is one clear message on the doorsteps, according to Dick Miller, local election candidate in the Portarlingtom / Graiguecullen area.

“Charges levied on fanilies are too high and there is anger,” said the Fianna Fáil candidate.

“Families are counting the cost and fearing the worst. An average family in a modest house will find themselves paying the property tax, average €250 and as payment for water has been extended to all households they will be paying at least €250 / year for water this time next year,” said the Timahoe-based candidate.

Mr Miller said that he is not against water charges but the fairest way is to pay for what is used, a standing charge of 25 – 30% of the total bill will not encourage conservation.

“As the charge will be fixed for two years initially, he called on the government not to introduce a standing charge, and to levy usage only.

“Rising charges concern all voters but particularly those on low and middle income.He pointed out that a continuation of increased charges will drive low income families into social welfare,” said Mr Miller.




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