Another lucky escape for Port family on lethal road

A Portarlington family whose home was almost destroyed before Christmas when a lorry careened through their front garden have had another lucky escape when a car almost crashed into their house.

Rosaleen O’Kane is now calling for the speed limit to be lowered at the treacherous stretch of road outside her home at Kilmullen.

So notorious is the spot that when Ms O’Kane’s 11-year-old son discovered that a car had left the road on Sunday and collided with trees bordering the family property, he simply told his mother: “Mum, there’s been another accident.”

The car collided head on with trees which border the property between Ms O’Kane’s house and her sister’s, who lives next door. Frighteningly, the car stopped just short of a flimsy temporary fence on Ms O’Kane’s property, which has been in place since the original fence was destroyed in December when a 40ft lorry ploughed through the garden missing the family home by no more than a few feet.

Ms O’Kane is still in shock from the incident with the lorry, which left an awful effect on her family.

“(The car hit) the exact same spot where the lorry struck, this is very, very worrying,” she said, explaining that damage from the lorry had left her front garden looking as if a tsunami had struck.

Following this crash, the council carried out safety works on the road but Ms O’Kane said more improvements are needed.

“Laois County Council have put in new signs and cat’s eyes and they’ve done a survey of the road, but I don’t know if it’s completed.”

Ms O’Kane fears for the safety of children, including her own, who get collected for school along the road.

“It’s very hard going to work every day hoping everything will be okay and then you come home to this,” she said. “We need some form of protection.”


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