‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Kilmullen Road

The road at Kilmullen, Portarlington is a bit like the Bermuda Triangle, according to Cllr Paul Mitchell - not even the experts can figure out why so many accidents happen there.

Speaking at this week’s meeting of the Laois County Joint Policing Committee in County Hall, Cllr Mitchell said that Laois County Council had spent a lot of money on the road, putting in new signs and cat’s eyes recently, but accidents are still occurring.

“It’s like the Bermuda Triangle,” he said. “Experts have looked at it and they can’t figure it out.

“It’s not speeding,” he continued. “A few months ago a lorry went into the front garden of a family home and stopped just short of the house. The driver wasn’t speeding and wasn’t using his mobile phone. A speed limit review is needed, bring it down to 40km/h for that stretch,” he declared.

Cllr James Daly, who was chairing the meeting, informed the councillor that Laois County Council will be carrying out a speed limit review by the middle of 2014.

“The speed limit review is definitely overdue,” he said.


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