Beware petrol stretching

Labour Senator John Whelan has warned Laois motorists of the dangers of ‘petrol-stretching’, which involves fuel being illegally contaminated with kerosene.

“Petrol-stretching involves a supplier adding up to 10 percent kerosene to petrol before it is being sold onto unwitting drivers. It is seen to be more dangerous than laundered diesel because of the speed at which it can damage an engine,” he said.

“I would urge all motorists in Laois and the midlands, particularly those with smaller engines, to be cognisant of this potentially serious threat of petrol stretching. Watch out for the key signs that your car has been affected, including a lack of power, misfiring of the engine and a knocking noise.”

Senator Whelan said the petrol is being mixed with kerosene after it arrives into a county, and identifying the culprits is proving difficult due to the multitude of suppliers.

“However, I am aware that an investigation involving the Revenue, Customs and Excise Officers, and the Gardai is looking into this worrying new trend,” he said.


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