Bollard gap at cinema caused fall

A woman leaving the cinema in Portlaoise with her two children tripped over a broken piece of path, fell and fractured her chestbone, according to Portlaoise town councillors Catherine Fitzgerald and Caroline Dwane.

At a recent Portlaoise TC meeting, Cllr Cllr Fitzgerald called for the path to be fixed, believeing the problem to be an ESB pole that was removed.

“This woman fell flat on her face. I looked at it the next day and it looked like a pole had been taken up. It’s terrible a company can leave a footpath in that condition,” she said.

Town engineer Farhan Nasiem said there had been problems with lack of communication between the ESB and the council.

“I know there was an issue with a pole, we have had problems with the ESB, they don’t notify us and we have to chase them,” he said.

Cllr Caroline Dwane tried to clear up the confusion.

“The same girl contacted me, there was a bollard missing out of the ground and left sitting on the side. She fell and slapped her chest, and had a hairline fracture to her chestbone. In fairness to the council, they moved the bollard, under the impression she fell over that. I got back on to them, and by the following Monday, the bollard was back in the hole,” she said.

“There are other issues with lighting,” said Cllr CFitzgerald.


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