Broke door to get her stuff

A Brazilian national who smashed a patio door to gain entry to her former residence has been given the benefit of the probation act.

Andreia Araujo was convicted of criminal damage at Aislinn House, Clonminam Road, Portlaoise, on March 30 this year.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly told the recent district court that Araujo had a row over the phone with the man she was staying with, and had been advised to stay somewhere else on the night. Instead she returned to the house and broke the patio door, causing €350 damage.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said it was an unusual case.

Mr Meagher said his client, a Brazilian national, travelled back and forth between Ireland and her home country, and had been in “a personal relationship” with the injured party. She travelled back from Brazil for work and had been told she could stay in his house, but then they had “a small falling out”.

“When she asked him to gain access to the house get her personal belongings, he said she wasn’t welcome,” said Mr Meagher, adding that her passport was in the house.

“She made a foolish decision, she was in a desperate state,” said Mr Meagher.

Mr Meagher said Araujo had €50 in court, and as she had been promised work she hoped to make good on the damages.

Mr Meagher also contested a number of claims made in the injured party’s statement, telling the court that Araujo had not been out with friends on the night and had not had drink taken.

Judge Catherine Staines applied the probation act.


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