Budget a ‘travesty’ - SF TD

SINN Féin’s Laois Offaly TD Brian Stanley, has accused the government of “attacking the least well off for the sins committed by bankers and developers.”

Responding to today’s Budget 2013 the Laois/Offaly TD said the vulnerable would suffer.

“The government claimed that they were ‘protecting the most vulnerable’. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we saw was a travesty. But it must be clearly said, this government had other choices,” he said.

The TD said SF put forward clear, costed and ‘credible alternatives’ that would have created new third rate of tax, 48% on income over €100,000, which he claimed would yield €365 million. A new Wealth Tax of one percent would bring in a further €800 million was also proposed by SF.

“The government attacked students, the low paid, children and the elderly,” said the SF.


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