Car burnt and trailers stolen

People in rural areas are being warned not to leave trailers unattended and in plain view, following a spate of robberies across the county just before Christmas.

A garda spokesperson has revealed that over the past four weeks, there were trailers stolen from various rural areas around Laois. Three robberies took place from open, unattended yards and gardaí are now urging owners not to leave trailers in exposed areas where thieves can access them.

“We want to warn people to secure their property and don’t leave trailers out in the open,” said the spokesperson. “We’re also urging anyone who may be buying a trailer from Buy and Sell or Done Deal to be aware of this.”

Owners are urged to take a note of the trailer’s serial number and identification, to assist gardaí in tracking down stolen items.

The gardaí are also appealing for any information concerning a stolen car that was discovered on fire near the dump at Kyletalesha on New Year’s Eve.

The car, a Toyota Avensis, went off the road just after the local dump between Portlaoise and Mountmellick and was set alight. The gardaí do not know whether or not the car crashed. The car was later discovered to have been stolen in Kilkenny on December 14.

The gardaí are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen any suspicious activity along the road between 11pm and 4am to contact them. Anyone with any information can call the Portlaoise Garda Station on 05786 74100.

Apart from these incidents, the local gardaí are reporting a quiet Christmas period, with the spokesperson revealing that “nothing major” occurred locally.

The spokesperson said that there were no robberies reported to them over Christmas, nor where there any bad assaults, although there were a number of minor public order matters.

“The bad weather must have kept people in on the big nights,” he said.


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