Cattle killed in lightning storm

Former IFA president Padraig Walshe

Former IFA president Padraig Walshe

Cattle owned by the former IFA president Padraig Walshe were struck dead by lightning during a bad storm last weekend.

The six bullocks were out in a field in the Abbeyleix area when the storm occured on Saturday August 6 at around 4pm.

It was neighbours who informed Mr Walshe of the incident.

“It was a terrible storm last Saturday. People nearby saw the bullocks and contacted me. I went to look at them then, and they were dead,” he told the Leinster Express.

Mr Walshe cannot say how much money the accident will cost him, but he is just glad that no human lives were injured during the storm.

“Look, these things happen I suppose. I have to pay the knacker to collect the animals now. The main thing is nobody was hurt,” he said.

Thunder and lightning storms were widespread across the country last week, with Saturday seeing the worst weather hitting the county.




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