Children had no seat belts in uninsured car

A Portarlington driver was disqualified from driving at last Thursday’s District Court in Portlaoise for driving without insurance and with two child passengers who were not wearing seatbelts, on Canal Road last April 22.

Brian Wilson of 42 Kilmalogue Park, apologised to Judge Catherine Staines, explaining that he had given a lift to his sister-in-law on the day, and the children “had to push over” to make room.

Judge Staines asked him if he knew there was a mandatory disqualification of two years for driving without insurance, and warned him of the consequences of children being unbelted.

“Do you know what would happen in an accident? They would be right through the windscreen.

“Is there any reason why I shouldn’t disqualify you, do you use your car for work?” she asked.

Mr Wilson replied that he was made redundant three years ago, whereupon the Judge convicted him, fining him €300 and disqualifying him for two years for having no insurance, and €100 and a three month disqualification each for the two charges of no seatbelts.


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