Cllr Delaney says compassion is needed on medical card issue

Cllr Lisa Delaney has called on the Minister for Health James Reilly to intervene on the matter of medical cards.

The Mountmellick councillor said she is encountering daily distress and hardship due to a drastic new draconian regime being applied for medical card qualification.

“It is uncalled for and unacceptable that grievously sick children, those with cancer and other long term illnesses and suffering from depression are having their medical cards revoked or applications rejected,” she said.

Welcoming Government plans to introduce free medical cards for all children under the age of six, Cllr Delaney said it is pointless to do so at the expense of removing medical cards from children who are already in poor health.

“Medical need and other such legitimate grounds should be taken into consideration in all medical card criteria and it should not simply be reduced to a book keeping exercise and I will be working to ensure that the HSE and the Department of Health take these issues into account to alleviate hardship on those who legitimately require a medical card,” she concluded.


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