Clonin repairs delayed

Repairs on the Clonin Road will be delayed until 2014, councillors heard at the recent Borris in Ossory electoral area meeting, held last week at County Hall.

They were told by acting senior executive engineer Brenda Cuddy that the road will be considered next year.

“The 2014 roads programme will be presented in early spring and this will be following a complete survey of all of our road network and the application of a scoring system agreed at national level. This road will be examined under the regime for inspection”.

Cllr Michael Lalor who asked for the road to be reconstructed, said that at Joe Doran’s land, water lies on the road and as a result the road surface has become very bad for drivers.

“The water has nowhere to go, and the pipe in the field is covered up. The road is going to go altogether if it is not attended,” he told councillors at the meeting.




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