Community welfare officer assaulted

Two Abbeyleix women had a four month prison sentence for assault suspended for two years.

Annmarie Delaney, 24 Abbeycourt, Abbeyleix and Brigid Delaney, 24 Abbeycourt, Abbeyleix were charged with assault at the Community Welfare Office on November 15, 2012.

The two defendants were to come up with €250 compensation each for the victim.

“€300 is as much as they can gather together,” Defending solicitor, Ms Jo Fitzpatrick explained.

Judge Catherine Staines asked both defendants if they had made comments to the victim since, which they both denied.

“This was a serious assault on a young woman who was three months pregnant.”

Suspending the prison sentence, Judge Staines said they were to make no contact with the victim.




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