Complaints received over oil facility

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that it received a total of 18 complaints about the Enva facility in Portlaoise.

Only one complaint was received in the period 2013-2014. “The EPA treats every complaint seriously and the Agency has gone to great lengths to investigate each one to determine whether or not there might be any issue that would give cause for concern. Every single assessment carried out has satisfied the EPA that there is no risk to local residents, to health, or to the environment,” a statement read.

The EPA noted that minor issues have arisen “from time to time through inspections, incidents or complaints and the EPA is satisfied that Enva has taken appropriate corrective action to address these. For example, odour nuisance issues were addressed through the installation of an odour neutralising system which absorbs odour-causing emissions”.

One complainant expressed concerns about emissions to air from four oil reprocessing tanks. “The EPA considers that these are adequately controlled under the conditions of the licence as the emissions are not pumped and have a very low flow rate,” the statement said.

The EPA said it has also undertaken extensive further assessment. “Information gathered to date from these assessments does not indicate that these emissions are of significance. The investigation is continuing and the licensee is currently carrying out additional assessment work at the instruction of the Agency in relation to activities at the site”.

“In conclusion, the EPA is satisfied that the activities of Enva Ireland are compliant with its licence and do not pose a risk to local residents, to health, or to the environment.


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