Council’s €225k annual phone bill

County hall is set to spend some a quarter of a million euro on its phone bill while its electricity costs will reach nearly €1.7 m, this year.

Offical council figures reveal that payments to phone companies O2 and Vodafone came to over €112,000 for the first six months of this year. Some €60,000 was spent in the last three months of last year. On this basis it is likely that the bill will be at least €225,000 by the end of the year.

The council paid over €47,000 to 02 for “communication charges” while Vodafone received €65,317 for similar charges from April to June.

The council’s electricity bill for the first six months was a whopping €838,678. Between January and March, the council paid over €300,000 to Airtricity and Energia, while from April to June they made three further payments for electricity.

The first was to Airtricity for a total of €152,836, ESB Electric Ireland received just over €20,000 and over €350,000 was paid to Energia.

In response, the council’s finance department said the communication charges related to both mobile phones and landlines.

The electricity bill includes public lighting all of the council’s buildings.

The council’s also spent over three-quarters of a million in insurance premiums in the first six months of the year.

The council paid just over €400,000 to Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurance Limited for insurance premiums between January and March of this year, while a second payment of €346,243 was made for the months April to June.

The procurement reports, which are published on the council’s website only cover amounts greater than €20,000.

The report includes payments for good or services and does not include grants-in-aid or reimbursements.




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