Councillors bicker over Stradbally

The upcoming May elections raised territorial hackles at the last ever Emo area meeting last week.

Cllr Tom Mulhall from Emo and Cllr James Deegan from Stradbally were told they were arguing “like two children”.

Cllr Deegan had been assured by council engineer Stan Cullen that a disabled parking spot would be marked at the Vintage Inn, when Cllr Mulhall asked for more parking spots at the health centre.

“People have to walk past the garage forecourt, there is land outside it, I would like to see two spaces,” he said.

“Spaces would be a traffic hazard. The people using the centre are quite happy,” said chairman Cllr Deegan.

“They are saying that to you, I’m going on what the people of Stradbally are saying to me,” said Cllr Mulhall.

“I’d know that better than you,” answered Cllr Deegan.

“You’re like two children,” said Cllr Ray Cribbin.

“You should be the one chairing this meeting, you’re in Portarlington,” Cllr Mulhall told Cllr Cribbin.

“It has been agreed on by the other members that I would chair. This is the last meeting, I would hope we wouldn’t go and leave on a sour note,” said Cllr Deegan.

“It is nothing personal, but you don’t tell me you should know Stradbally better than I do. You are fifteen years older, that’s why you are longer around,” answered Cllr Mulhall.




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