Crossing street to Stradbally’s health centre is a health hazard

The HSE needs to provide car parking spaces outside the health centre in Stradbally because of the dangers faced by people who have appointments there, according to Cllr Tom Mulhall.

The councillor said the issue was raised on the campaign trail. “The lack of parking outside the health centre is a problem, particularly for elderly, people with disabilities and people who are injured. The issue was raised with me by several people,” Cllr Mulhall said.

He said people with appointments in the health centre have to walk across the main street which is the busy N80. While there is also a car park at a local supermarket, he said it is a long walk to the health centre.

“There is an area outside the health centre, which, in my opinion, could provide four parking spaces. I do think it would be a good idea for the road design team in the county council to look at this area as a possibility for parking spots,” Cllr Mulhall said.

“A number of parking spaces have been recently removed from this area of the town but my concern is safety and easier access to the health centre.”




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