Drank a bottle of whiskey and abused father

A Rosenallis man who “felt it was a good idea” to drink a bottle of whiskey to cure his toothache was last week ordered to make a charitable donation after being convicted of drunkenly abusing his own elderly father.

Eljay Shelly was charged with being intoxicated, and using threatening or abusive behaviour in a public place. The offences were committed in Rosenallis on October 2 last year.

Evidence was given at last week’s sitting of Portlaoise District Court by Inspector Kieran Keyes.

The gardaí received a call at 6.35pm on the day to attend at Rosenallis. They discovered Shelly in an intoxicated state acting in a threatening manner toward his elderly parents. He was “wandering around” in a drunken state and had threatened his own father.

Shelly had no previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said Shelly had been in severe pain with toothache and foolishly went to his friend’s house, where he drank over a bottle of whiskey to kill the pain.

“He felt it was a good idea at the time,” said defence.

Mr Meagher explained that Shelly had been in an intoxicated state, to which his parents had expressed concerns. He took umbrage at their concerns and “one word followed another”.

“He’s very embarrassed by the incident,” said Mr Meagher, adding that Shelly had written a letter of apology to the gardaí.

“It’s his father he should be apologising to,” said Judge William Early, “it’s up to his father whether he wishes to apply for a barring order.”

Judge Early adjourned the matter to September 25. He said if Shelly contributed €150 to the Jack and Jill Foundation he would recommend the probation act.


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