Fallen tree causes powercut in Mountmellick

Up to 1,800 homes and businesses in Mountmellick were left without electrical power for much of yesterday, Monday February 2, when a tree fell across a major powerline, due to the high winds.

Power was lost at about 9am yesterday morning, with full service not restored until after 3pm.

The ESB were working to restore power for much of the day.

“There was an outage on the line leading to our 38kv station at 9am. The line tripped due to a tree falling on the line. This affected 1800 customers,” said a spokesperson for ESB.

“ESB crews were dispatched, the problem was identified and work was carried out. By noon there were only 282 customers still out of power. Unfortunately to finalise repairs, up to 382 customers will lose power, then everybody will be back this afternoon,” he said, speaking to the Leinster Express at 2.30pm.

Many businesses were affected by the outage , with some closing up for the day.

Texts were sent out to parents from St Joseph’s and St Patrick’s primary schools, giving parents the option of collecting their children, however the schools remained open.




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