Flooding on Corrig road in Stradbally caused by tilled fields

Heavy rain in January and February washed soil off fields above the Corrig road in Stradbally into drains, resulting in floods on the road, it was heard at the area meeting.

“Part of the problem is the land immediately above the road had been freshly tilled. A lot of silt got washed and completely blocked drains,” said acting senior engineer Stan Cullen.

The problem was raised by Cllr Tom Mulhall and Cllr James Deegan, who blamed resurfacing work on the N80, above the fields.

“The camber of the road was changed, it tilted water over onto the fields, going openly on tillage land. Unfortunately the farmer had ploughed it, which he is allowed to do. He has offered to do work if he gets finance for the piping. As this is going to be the norm for Irish weather, we need a long term solution,” Cllr Deegan said.

Cllr Mulhall suggested piping water off the Corrig road down to the river.

“If we can get funding from the OPW, we could pipe all down that hill, like the road from the Windy Gap. Both farmers would carry out the work,” he said.




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