‘Four Stop’ crossroads ‘embarrassing’

A crossroads with four stop signs is “very embarrassing” says Cllr David Goodwin.

“Derrycloney Bridge is the talk of the county. I don’t know how Gardaí would adjudicate an incident,” he said at the December meeting.

The council are suggesting another ‘four way stop’ junction at Camira Cross, Rosenallis..

Cllr Lisa Delaney said residents near the Derrycloney crossroads were “not happy”.

Council supervisor Ger O’Mahony said residents had requested the works.

“They wanted it. There is not a word out of them now. It’s the best job ever done around here,” he said.

Council engineer Tom O’Carroll said people were becoming familiar with the four stop junction.

“If you arrive at it first, you move first,” he said.

Chairman Cllr Paddy Bracken has also had complaints, suggesting more road markings.

“We will monitor and revisit it,” he said.




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