Garda vans needed to curb ‘frightening speed’ - TD

The total number of traffic offences recorded by the gardaí in Laois has risen for the start of 2014 compared to the first two months of 2013.

The number of incidents where material damage was caused is up from 74 last year to 91 for January/February this year, while the number of collisions has risen from 87 to 106. The number of incidents featuring non-serious injury remains much the same, 13 last year to 14 this year, while the number of drink driving cases has dropped slightly from 14 last year to 12 for the first two months of 2014.

The figures were revealed at the recent Laois County Joint Policing Committee meeting in County Hall, presented by Chief Superintendent John Scanlon.

In attendance was Brian Stanley TD, who raised the matter of garda speed vans and asked whether the vehicles could carry out checks at various spots instead of fixed locations.

“The speed vans are out there, but I can tell you where the speed vans are,” he said. “I see the gardaí occasionally on the motorway, but on rural roads there are huge problems as cars are passing at a frightening speed. We should have speed checks on various roads.”

Chief Supt Scanlon replied that the reason speed checks are carried out in certain places is because these are the areas where evidentially there have been a lot of accidents. He said the number of road prosecutions have risen.


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