‘He’s a brave kid, I’ve never seen him cry’

While the community of Castletown come together to support the Phelan family, Robbie and his parents are now attending the Royal Children’s Hospital in Manchester where the fifteen month old will hopefully undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant.

Hurler syndrome affects the vital organs, and it is hoped that this transplant will stop the swelling in Robbie’s brain.

Before this, Robbie was attending Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin on a weekly basis to receive Enzyme Replacement Treatment, to replace the missing enzyme lysosomal in his body.

The Phelans are expecting to stay in Manchester for the next three to four months, depending on Robbie’s progress.

On his return, Robbie’s treatment will be ongoing for the foreseeable future at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

Patrick Phelan, Robbie’s uncle, spoke about the Enzyme Replacement Treatment, and how it had helped his nephew so far.

“Robbie could never sit up by himself before he was diagnosed. He first started treatment in November, and that’s when we began to see improvements. Now he can sit up and support himself so that’s good.

“He’s a brave kid, and I’ve never seen him cry, not even once since he started all this treatment,” he said.




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