Hepburn Court off the agenda

Hepburn Court has gone from being the main headline item at the last Joint Policing Meeting, to not even being mentioned at the most recent meeting, according to the Portlaoise Town Manager.

The estate, which has seen eight derelict houses secured and two more houses demolished, has been a standing item on Portlaoise Town Council’s agenda over the last few months. But last week, the Town manager suggested that councillors take the item off the agenda.

“It was a primary item at the last meeting, but it’s gone from the headlines now,” Michael Rainey said.

He continued: “I’m not hearing anymore complaints about the estate. There is a longer term plan to redevelop the estate, but in the short term we have secured the derelict houses.

Cllr Matthew Keegan said he had seen bulldozer and heavy machinery moving on to the site that day.

The Town Manager said the machinery was just removing the debris and topsoil after the demolition and would be on site for the next day or two removing the debris.

Cllr Kathleen O’Brien proposed that the item be left on the agenda for one more month, this was agreed by Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald.




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