Hepburn Court still looks ‘dreadful’, says Cllr Dwane

Portlaoise town manager Michael Rainey has said he would be very keen to see Hepburn Court regenerated, but the council are unable to do anything as so many houses in the estate are in private ownership.

Speaking at County Hall last week, Mr Rainey revealed that of the 12 houses in Hepburn Court two have been demolished, eight have been secured and two properties are currently tenanted. The council has secured the title to a number of units but the majority of the site remains in private ownership. There are no plans in place for this area to be regenerated in the immediate future.

Cllr Caroline Dwane, who had requested an update on the estate, acknowledged the good progress being made and said that the residents were happy that things had calmed down, but she remarked that the site still looks “absolutely dreadful”.

Cllr Clare Spollen added that the residents are up in arms as rubbish is still being dumped in the estate, while Cllr Kathleen O’Brien said it would be lovely to see the county council taking over the whole estate.


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