Hogan reveals huge loss of Laois water

Thousands of gallons of costly drinking water are being lost before it every reaches Laois households, based on figures supplied by Minister for Environment Phil Hogan.

In a column for this week’s Leinster Express in the wake of public protests in Portlaoise and elsewhere the Minister has made a staunch defence of the new water regime and Irish Water. He says that the new system will benefit Laois and tackle waste.

“Without this investment we will be unable to fund the remedial works to eliminate the current risk to 16% of national water supplies, or reduce the high leakage rate of 38% in Laois...Domestic water charges, which will go directly into water services, will form a vital part of this increased investment,” he says.

The Kilkenny TD says metering has boosted the local economy.

“The metering programme is also boosting local employment in Laois since metering commenced here earlier this year. Across the country, approximately 1,200 contractors are installing meters, with over 29,000 meters installed in the midlands region already. At the end of April, 80% of these jobs were held by people who either worked in small enterprises, had previously been on the Live Register, or were young apprentices, graduates or school leavers looking for their first chance,” he says.

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