‘Hopping mad’ - gran of 13-year old fan

While hundreds of Garth Brooks fans from Laois reclaimed their ticket money last week, one young US visitor was in tears at the demise of her 13th birthday wish.

Campbell Snoddy from Maryland has spent the past fortnight visiting her grandparents Ann and Bill Campbell from The Swan.

Unbeknownst to the young country music fan, her parents Richard and Fiona had gone to great lengths to buy concert tickets, eventually paying €400 to an ebay seller. They spent hundreds more to extend their holiday to give Campbell the ultimate birthday gift; her first concert.

“She was dropping hints to them, she even arrived back from Portlaoise wearing a Garth Brooks t-shirt one day,” said her grandmother Ann.

Last Monday July 14 on her birthday, mom Fiona had to sit Campbell down and break the bittersweet news, that she had no gift, and what that gift would have been, resulting in tears on both sides.

“We went from having the best birthday gift ever to literally having nothing. But she told us that after hearing what we went through, that was gift enough for her,” said Fiona, who tried to contact the Ebay seller but has lost hope of getting their money back.

Grandmother Ann is “hopping mad” she told the Leinster Express.

“I am angry that no-one is accountable. It’s a blame game now, between the promotor, Garth Brooks, and Dublin City Council. I am disappointed with the whole lot of them. How can they mess around with people’s lives like that, with no consequences but for us,” said Ann, who was going with the family to the concert.

The family took Campbell and her little brother Iain on a day trip to Dublin to compensate. They are making the most out of their holiday before flying back to the States this Sunday.

“It is amazing, we have been coming here for 20 years and for a country as small as this, we find new sights to see every year,” said Fiona, daugher of Ann and Jim.

Last January dozens of Laois fans queued up for days in freezing weather outside Laois Shopping Centre to buy some of the 400,000 Garth Brooks concert tickets sold nationwide. The five concerts were due to take place this week in Croke Park.




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