HSE action demanded by patient’s group

Patient Focus is working with a number of the women and families involved in the very sad and worrying situation outlined by the RTE investigation programme.

The group which represented the patients of Dr Michael Neary in the Drogheda Hospital scandal said

“It is alarming that the recommendations of several reviews seem to have been ignored at the unit appearing to lead to the unnecessary deaths of babies.

“Hospital management must be held accountable for not ensuring that these recommendations were acted upon speedily. Health professional too have responsibility for the quality of care they provide to women and babies.

We have a number of concerns that warrant immediate action by the HSE and hospital management in particular –

HSE to set up a helpline for women due to give birth in the near future at the hospital. The women and their families will require details regarding the safeguards and changes, if any, put in place at the unit as a result of the recommendations of reviews and inquests into baby deaths

It said the HSE should set up a helpline for women and families with concerns about their own care or the care of their baby at the hospital

It also called on the HSE to contact anyone who may have been involved in an adverse event or review or investigation at the unit in the past. Also requested was the funding a second opinion for all those so concerned.

Patient focus wants a HSE counselling service for the women and families concerned and access to an advocacy group.

The representative group called for a wide ranging independent investigation into the maternity care provided at the unit going back 10 years.

Patient Focus called on the Minister for Health and Children to consider as a matter of urgency the need for a wider review in relation to the care provided to mothers and babies in other maternity units.

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