HSE help needed for ‘young person’

“He’s still a young person even though he’s an adult,” was Judge Catherine Staines’ assessment of a Mountmellick man who last week asked the court for HSE assistance.

Sean Kemp, of Apt 1 Elm Crescent, Ballacollig, Mountmellick, was previously convicted of handling stolen property at Laois Shopping Centre, on October 21 last year, and again at his home address on October 22. His case was adjourned for a probation report, which was read last week by Judge Staines.

The judge asked Kemp, who has a history of drug problems, whether he wanted the help of the HSE.

“Yes, judge, if possible,” he replied.

Judge Staines said that Kemp’s probation officer should write to the HSE, as Kemp was still a young person despite now being over 18.

The matter has gone back to March 20.


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