Irish Water try to meter private well

For illustration purposes only.

For illustration purposes only.

Irish Water has been forced into an embarrassing climb down after trying to put in place meters to charge people for a private supply.

The company is also disputing claims in Portlaoise from residents that it is replacing meters that were installed just last year. It did confirm it has had to replace meter boxes.

Contractors working for the State company begin work installing meters at the Killenard Lodge Estate last Wednesday. The sight of the workers led to an almost instant response from residents of the estate, whose supply is provided from a private well.

Irish Water said its work in Killenard was based on “the best information available”.

“During the installation of meters in Killenard Lodge, the site team was contacted by a resident and advised that the estate was not connected to the public water mains. The Irish Water team contacted the local authority and clarified that this was the case. Irish Water updated its survey information to record that this estate was not connected to the public water mains and no further water meters were installed,” it said.

The company said it is establishing a database to record the location and nature of all public water assets, something which to date has not existed in Ireland.

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