Jewellery and tools stolen across Laois

People are being urged to record details of their personal items, including distinguishing marks and serial numbers, following a number of burglaries in Laois over the past week.

A garda spokesperson has revealed to the Leinster Express that jewellery and tools were the main items stolen by thieves at various locations within the last seven days.

Jewellery was taken from houses in Portlaoise last week and at the weekend, while tools and diesel were stolen from farmyards in rural areas. The spokesperson has revealed that in the case of farmyard robberies the items were mostly being kept in outhouses and sheds, and farmers are being urged to implement the same security measures on these buildings as they would on their own homes.

The gardaí recover a lot of stolen tools each year, but in the majority of cases there are no marks or identifying numbers on the items which makes it difficult to return the items to their rightful owners. The gardaí are encouraging people to take pictures of such property as tools and take note of the serial numbers, and to also put covert markings on them to assist in identification.

People with expensive jewellery in the house are also encouraged to take note of any markings on the items and to take pictures.

The gardaí are reminding everyone to make use of the community text alert service in order to tackle crime. If anyone sees any suspicious activity they can call the garda station, and after the gardaí verify the information received they will send it out to community alert groups around the county.

“Don’t leave it to someone else to report,” said the garda spokesperson.

The spokesperson has also revealed that the gardaí have recovered a number of stolen bikes in the last three months. Anyone who may have had a bike stolen since February and has not reported it is asked to call the garda station, as it is possible their bike may have been found. Bike owners are also asked to keep a record of any identifying marks on their bikes, to assist in identification if stolen.

Finally, the gardaí have reported a relatively quiet bank holiday weekend in Portlaoise, with a number of minor public order incidents recorded and a number of arrests for drug possession. The drugs seized included cannabis and cocaine.

Anyone with any information on any of these issues, or information on any crimes in their area, can contact the Portlaoise Garda Station on 05786 74100.


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