Judge does not believe a word said by thief

Judge Catherine Staines recently told a Mountrath man charged with theft that she didn’t believe a word he had said through his solicitor.

William Mulrooney, Apt 1 Library Apartments, Mountrath, was charged with theft from Tesco, Portlaoise, on January 3 this year.

He had 26 previous convictions, including 12 for theft.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher explained that on the day Mulrooney was doing a large shop in Tesco with his partner. His partner had a number of items in the trolley and Mulrooney put a number of items into a bag.

“The items in the bag weren’t taken out initially,” admitted defence.

Mr Meagher said that Mulrooney was approached by a security officer in the store and an altercation took place. Mulrooney “became upset” and removed himself from the scene, while his partner was paying for the other items.

“He lost the run of himself,” said Mr Meagher, adding that Mulrooney had, at the time, just been released from prison. He had suffered previously with a drug addiction, but is now clean.

“I don’t believe a word you’ve just told me,” declared Judge Catherine Staines, adding that “prison hasn’t worked” for Mulrooney.

“I’d appreciate honesty rather than these convoluted stories,” said the judge.

Judge Staines ordered urine analysis reports to “make sure he is drug free”, and put the matter back to September 4 for a probation report.


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