Kicked window after being denied cigarette

Portlaoise courthouse.

Portlaoise courthouse.

A one month sentence was last week imposed on a Portlaoise man who became violent toward gardaí after being denied a cigarette in the back of a patrol car.

Charlie Ward, 7 Parnell Crescent, Portlaoise, was being lodged by gardaí at the Midlands Prison on March 1, 2012, when he asked for and was refused a cigarette.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence to the district court that Ward became violent and tried to kick out the rear window of the car, before he made threats and struggled violently with the gardaí. He was eventually calmed down.

The inspector said Ward had a long list of previous convictions, mostly for road traffic and theft offences, and is currently serving a sentence.

Defence solicitor said that Ward was on prescribed medication for stress and was not supposed to go near alcohol, but he did on the night and lost control.

Defence said that 30-year-old Ward had also been abusing drugs, but had since curbed his drug problem and was dealing with his alcohol problem.

Judge Catherine Staines imposed one month in prison.




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