Knockmay field like ‘a swimming pool’

Drainage works are needed at the field in Knockmay, which at the moment is so badly flooded it resembles either a pond or a swimming pool.

So said Cllrs Caroline Dwane and Claire Spollen at the meeting of Portlaoise Town Council in County Hall last week, during a motion proposed by Cllr Dwane calling on the contractor of Knockmay to remedy the flooding problem in the centre of the field.

“With the heavy rain it’s like a pond in the middle of the field,” said Cllr Dwane.

“It’s a great facility, but at the moment it’s like a swimming pool,” said Cllr Spollen.

Mr Michael Rainey, housing officer, replied that drainage works will be carried out this year.

Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald also described the field as a fantastic facility, and she looks forward to seeing children out playing on it in the spring and summer.

Cllr Kathleen O’Brien remarked that she had recently walked the area and had seen a lot of litter on walls and in the green area.

“Nobody is picking it up, I’m very disappointed. I ask the local community to look after it, as peopled are discarding litter and not bringing it home,” she said.


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